The ACF Group is the Main Sponsor of the 2nd EU-CPLP Forum, taking place on the 17th and18th December, in Braga.

It is an excellent platform for business and cooperation, generating conditions for the creation and consolidation of a permanent space to stimulate the Lusophone business.
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2º Forum

Opening of Educational Center of Tibar.


ACF group starts another new project in Timor-Leste, the construction of new facilities in the building of the Ministry Finance – Dili.

Ministério Finanças Timor Leste

ACF remodels and expands Knowledge Pavilion – Expo Park


The authorship of this project is the studio of architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça. A contract for the renovation and expansion was in charge of the ACF, SA. The end result reflects the symbiotic and harmonious sharing of knowledge and expertise of those involved in this work.

Inaugurated the building of the Sea, the new building of the Lisbon Oceanarium


The contract for the expansion was conducted by ACF, SA and contemplated action at different levels – building superstructure, finishes and special facilities. Among the new built valences stand out from the tank to the exposure of sea turtles, the multimedia auditorium and the Life-Support System for regeneration and ensuring water quality for many marine animals.

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