Message from the President

António CorreiaBuilding is our life and what we know best we began our business life in a time of much difficulty.

With determination, belief and hard-work we built who we are nowadays. It was hard, We grew, won, celebrated, learnt.

The present state of development of construction industry, together with  the own country and world social, economical and financial situation, demanded (and still do) companies to re-think about who they are and what they do Not proving immune to the situation, ACF also surpassed this challenge.

Holding to our own genes and to the reasons for our foundation, namely our passion for building, our work, the dedication, the people, modesty, we have been able to make the right decisions and take the right actions, allowing us to honour our commitments with people, partners, suppliers, clients and society.

We are transforming ourselves into a dynamic, flexible, more inteligent Group as we believe in the development of a culture of permanent learning and transformation, through people.

With respect for the past and aware about what we want for the future, we bet on strengthening the bond with our national clients and tagging and developing our presence in new international markets.

António Correia
Manager of ACF Group