Economic and Financial Indicators


We are convinced that it will be our present attitudes that will dictate our future projects.

The ACF Group has recently gone through a phase of thorough restructuring that resulted in the reduction of its activity, fruit of the retraction of the construction market. This action was undertaken to deal with the conjuncture of Portugal and the social and economic contingencies encountered all around the world.

In fact, financial consolidation is an ever-present concern, and we believe that a tight control of the credit granted to our customers is, likewise, a strategy to be maintained, allowing us to fulfil our obligations to our suppliers and subcontractors in a timely fashion, and guarantee a better negotiation of prices and greater customer satisfaction.

With three decades in the business, ACF will continue to set itself apart in the domestic and international market, thanks to the quality of its construction work, the meeting of deadlines and its serious commitment to after-sales service.