ACF Group went through in the last decade, a profound restructure which confirms the expectations of qualified growth, despite the various difficulty due to the national and global crisis. Presently, the company places its future at a higher level of standard, regarding challenging new projects, in a broaden international platform – now including Cape Verde and in a settled position in East Timor.

Thus, it is important to register the foundation of new companies – as ACF Atlântico, as well as the settlement of the group in the market of East Timor – and reinforce the certainty that ACF Group will continue to diverse investments in new markets and in businesses.

As the president of the Group ACF, António Correia, states ” we are transforming into a more dynamic, flexible Group, every day more intelligent, as we believe in the development of a culture of permanent learning and transformation through people.

2015 – Creation of ACF Atlântico, Lda – Construction and Engineering reveals the investment and narrowing the bonds with new markets, namely Cape Verde.

2014 – One can highlight the dynamics accomplished in the international area. The Group wins the tender to build the facilities of the Police Criminal Investigation Division (being East Timor Ministry of Justice the owner of the construction) and opens the CPLP Permanent Representation in East Timor.

2013 – The restructuring taking place peaks the creation of two new companies: B-START – focused in the sector of special installations, and New Confidence – whose main activity is promoting real estate.

2012 – Marks the conclusion of the first work in East Timor – RTTL Radio, in Dili. BBOX was created – company dedicated to the maintenance and repair of automobiles and motorcycles, heavy equipment’s as heavy machinery and Trucks and sale of pieces/parts and accessories.

2011 – Another important milestone for ACF Group was the foundation of ACF- TIMOR LESTE. This year, to support the operations in international markets ACF- Matéria was created – dedicated to Metalworking and Wood Industries, Trade and Import-Export.

2010 – We consolidated our presence in Angola.  It was also this year that ACF Group received Environment Management certificate.

2009 – Opening of AC Angola headquarters, revealing how well the ACF Group was settled in Luanda and throughout the whole country. The first construction work in Angola is finished – Samba Hotel. 2007 – The beginning of the internationalization of ACF Group, in Angola with AC Angola. In this same year, ACF Group broaden its activity to grants – by the creation of Socioparques – Parques de Estacionamento. Lda 2006 – ACF, SA. received Hygiene and Safety at Work Management System certificate.

2005 – ACF Group opens new headquarters, in Parque Industrial de Celeirós – second phase (Braga), improving work conditions and launching new growth perspectives.

2004 – Implements a strategy for ACF Group growth and consolidation in national market.

2002 – Beginning of the implementation of ACF, SA. Quality Management System.